Saleen Owner & Fan Groups

Saleen Clubs are independent. Each Club are customer initiatives. Correspondingly, these Clubs have their own unique initiative and range of services. The core to each Saleen Club is a common passion to offer their members the opportunity to experience the unbridled energy that is Saleen.

As each Club has its own program and range of services, it is often useful to contact the relevant Club directly using the links provided. Each Club publishes newsletters and websites, where you can find out the latest information.

Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club

The Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club encourages camaraderie, preservation and driving the unrivaled automobiles from Steve Saleen. Born in 1991 from a grassroots effort to organize and connect all Saleen vehicle owners and racing enthusiasts across a nation. Today, nearly 3,000 fans participate in our events and digital communities.

Since the beginning we realized this Saleen experience reaches outside economics and professions. A family bound by celebration for the name our cars bear. We desire to give fans a direct line to company news, technical assistance and access to Steve Saleen. While maintaining an all-encompassing reference of Saleen vehicle data, achievements in motorsports and a complete company history archive.

Anything with the Saleen name attached to it has to meet uncompromising standards. We know our Saleen vehicles inside and out. Members show, race, restore and modify their prized possessions. Aiding the Addicted is more than a motto, it’s how we live.

Saleen Club of America

The Saleen Club of America was formed in 2003 with a handful of Charter members with a goal in mind to organize a national club with the focus on Saleens. To offer it’s members a venue to share, enjoy, preserve and maintain their Saleen motor vehicle while offering accurate and technical sources for information.

The SCOA is divided into (9) Regions and further divided into states under the direction of State Reps and Regional Directors.

We have members all over the world, come join us for Fun, Friendship & Saleens!

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